A NuSmile Workshop:

NuSmile’s Progressive Esthetics workshop is a combination of interactive lecture and hands-on workshop, encompassing everything from treatment planning and learning the Express Prep technique, to high-yield, detail-oriented tips and tricks around proper cementation of Pediatric Zirconia and Pre-Veneered Crowns.

Course Objectives:

Identify when full coverage Esthetic Pediatric restorations should be used

Discuss and compare the different treatment options available

Practice proper prep and placement technique for success

Apply the knowledge gained to clinical situations immediately

Learn from renowned independent instructors

Hands-on training placing crowns on every primary tooth

Individualized instruction to ensure immediate implementation in your practice

Master the Express Prep technique for predictable and fast (4 minute) crown placement

Expert advice in diagnosis, treatment planning, common errors, troubleshooting and more

Network with new peers as you join with nearly 5000 NuSmile users and become part of the NuSmile family