NuSmile's new Permanent Molar Crowns were created with the purpose of providing an esthetic, full-coverage solution to using stainless steel crowns for Early Childhood and Adolescent Tooth Decay and Molar Incisor Hypomineralization (MIH). Now your patients can have an esthetically pleasing option that allows them to smile with confidence. It's also built to last throughout their developmental stages of life from early childhood to growing up as young adults.

Pediatric crowns are growing up!

A cost effective solution available in a full range of sizes needed for permanent molar teeth

Superior Science

Superior in strength, fracture resistance and wear - backed with 5 years of clinical use

Superior Smiles

Superior esthetics compared to traditional stainless steel crowns

An evolution in Zirconia Crowns

Easy to use - conservative preparations compared to custom fabricated crowns

Nature replicating shade, translucency and biocompatibility

Permanent molar crowns are shade A2 to closely match most newly erupted permanent molar teeth

Esthetics to Smile about

Preferred by patients and parents

NuSmile ZR withstands the maximum biting force at all stages of development from early childhood to young adult after artificial aging and 3,000,000 cycles of cyclic fatigue.

" I've been working with NuSmile Permanent Molar Crowns for over 3 years and they have exceeded my expectations."

- Dr. Paul Bahn

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It's been widely reported that first
permanent molars are the most caries
prone tooth in the permanent dentition.

NuSmile ZR Permanent Molar Crowns
are a new, cost effective, esthetic alternative
to restoration with traditional stainless steel crowns.

Designed for conservative tooth

NuSmile ZR Permanent Molar Crowns are shorter
and wider than traditional SSCs and thinner than
custom lab fabricated zirconia crowns. The tooth is
recommended to be prepared to a feather edge
margin with less overall tooth reduction compared
to the recommendations for custom lab
fabricated crowns.

The shade and translucency of our
zirconia ceramic blends beautifully with
the surrounding dentition.

NuSmile ZR Permanent Molar Crowns are
biocompatible, resists plaque buildup and delivers
an incredibly healthy response of the surrounding gum tissue.

Parent preferred over traditional crowns

NuSmile ZR Permanent Molar Crowns have
exceeded clinicians expectations while
delighting both parents and patients so they
can smile with confidence.

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