NuSmile ZR Zirconia

Permanent Molar
Contains 16 Crowns

A selection of 16 NuSmile ZR Permanent Molar crowns and a selection of 12 matching NuSmile Try-In crowns


*This product is only available in U.S., coming soon to Canada

  • Metal-free 100% zirconia ceramic
  • An alternative with superior esthetics to SSC crowns for restoring carious and Molar hypomin permanent molars
  • Broader buccal-lingually by 0.5mm and shorter occlusal-gingivally by 1mm than traditional SSC crowns
  • Nature replicating translucency
  • Tested superior in strength, fracture resistance and wear
  • Matching Try-In crowns eliminate saliva and blood contamination
  • Easy to use - conservative preparations
  • Available in shade Vita A2.
  • 100% zirconia ceramic
  • Feather-edge margins: 0.2mm
  • CDT Code D2740 - Crown-porcelain/ceramic substrate