The World’s Most Trusted Esthetic Pediatric Crown

NuSmile Signature Crowns are the tried and true restoration for primary teeth affected by early childhood caries. They give children a healthy, natural smile, are less technique sensitive than composite strip crowns and yet are affordably priced. NuSmile Signature Crowns are the most widely used esthetic crown by a 2 to 1 margin, with more than 5 million restorations performed over the past 20+ years.

NuSmile Signature - Engineered since 1991.

The World's Most Trusted Esthetic Pediatric Crown

More than 5 million restorations to date

Outstanding Durability

Crafted with state-of-the-art materials, processes and technology

Excellent Esthetics / Anatomically Correct

With a natural-looking, tooth-colored coating

Easy to Use

Less technique-sensitive than composite strip crowns

Highly Rated by Both Dentists and Parents

Documented in numerous studies and thousands of practices

Exceptional Value

A great value, widely covered by insurance plans and Medicaid across the US

The World's Most Trusted Esthetic Pediatric Crown

Trusted by thousands of
dentists every day for
pediatric restorations

Used more than 2-to-1 over the next
leading brand.

Outstanding Durability

pre-veneered crowns

Made with the highest quality surgical
grade materials, latest-generation
proprietary processes, and proven
durability since 1991.

Excellent Esthetics / Anatomically Correct

Excellent form and function

Esthetic pediatric crowns that look natural
and provide confidence for a child to smile

Easy to Use

Better than composite strip crowns

Simpler to use than composite strip crowns,
much more durable and with great esthetics
that stand up over time.

Highly Rated by Both Dentists and Parents

An unmatched track record of
making patients, parents and
pediatric dentists smile

Get the peace of mind that comes from using
NuSmile Signature. More than 9 out of 10
parents would choose NuSmile Signature
again for their child’s next restoration.

Exceptional Value

Outstanding quality for a very
reasonable price

The ideal solution for parents who want a
great natural-looking smile for their children.

NuSmile Signature Pre-veneered Photo Gallery

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NuSmile Signature Pre-veneered Video Gallery

NuSmile Signature Pre-veneered Options

Anterior Kits

Universal Style

Anterior crowns are fabricated with both point angles slightly square so that the distal point angle may be slightly rounded in the operatory to make a right or left side crown.

Individual Crowns

Regular or Short Length

Regular length anterior crowns are preferred by most doctors for the best long-term esthetics, stability and retention.
Regular length crowns are the same length as a standard stainless steel crown.
Short length crowns are 1mm shorter in length and may be best used for the very young pediatric dental patient.

Posterior Kits

Light or Extra Light

Light = Pedo 3-4 / Vita A1-B1 shade
Our most popular shade.

Extra Light = Pedo 1 / Bleached shade