Now with Validated sterilization instructions

There is a wealth of value into NuSmile Pre-Contoured SSCs. Made from the same Surgical Grade 316L Stainless Steel that is used in high-stress applications like orthopedic implants, NuSmile SSCs are strong, easy to trim and crimp and corrosion resistant. Our crowns deliver exceptional design at a great price and clinicians report NuSmile Pre-Contoured SSCs seldom require additional trimming or crimping compared to other brands.

Hospitals and Surgery Centers may sometimes discard contaminated crowns

Now with validated sterilization instructions
to meet high hospital standards

Tough Kids Deserve Tough Crowns

NuSmile SSCs are made from 316L Surgical Grade steel

Competitors' Crowns are made from Food Grade steel

Excellent Value

For an improved bottom line

The most accurately designed stainless steel crowns, manufactured and sold direct to you, all at a great price.

"I switched to NuSmile SSCs from a leading competitor
because of their higher quality surgical grade steel,
which adapts better at the margins. I also order directly
from NuSmile, saving almost ½ of what I used to pay.
I highly recommend this brand to my colleagues."

- Dr. Jeanette MacLean, DDS

Optimized Contour and Gingival-Occlusal Height

Reduce chair time and improve
practice productivity

The proper gingival-occlusal height coupled
with the perfect contour are both crucial to
quickly achieving successful restorations.
Clinicians report our crowns seldom require
additional trimming or crimping compared to
other brands.

"I was recently in the OR with several patients and needed to place a total of 36 SSCs. For the first 18 I used the current market-leading crown, which I’ve used for years, but I was trimming and adjusting each one, so I switched to NuSmile SSCs and placed the remaining 18 much quicker with fewer adjustments."

- Dr. William Waggoner, DDs, MS

Pediatric Dental Care Associates

NuSmile SSC Pre-contoured Options

1st & 2nd Molars

1st & 2nd Molars

Professional, Starter,
and Evaluation Kit available

Individual Crowns

1st & 2nd Primary Molars

Cuspids – sizes 1-6, Molars sizes 2-7
Packages of five (5) for each size and
tooth position

Primary Cuspids

Primary Cuspids

Professional, Starter,
and Evaluation Kit available