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It is NuSmile’s mission to be supportive of pediatric dentistry and pediatric dental education. To help achieve this goal, NuSmile offers both Webinars and Hands-On Workshops that can be tailored to meet the needs of your university residency program while also providing resources for ongoing training within the university curriculum. We have implemented hundreds of training programs in the US and Canada designed to ensure pediatric residents and faculty clinicians are comfortable and confident placing preformed esthetic crowns. Over 35 US and Canadian university programs are already teaching NuSmile esthetic crowns to their residents as a part of their residency training. NuSmile is, smiles ahead, a truly committed corporate supporter of pediatric dental education.

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Live Webinar Support

NuSmile’s highly experienced and knowledgeable clinical advisors will teach you how to successfully use preformed esthetic crowns and immediately achieve great results, skipping the learning curve that can exist when beginning to use any new product.

“Great information on a newer product.” ~1st Year Resident, Lutheran Medical

A live PowerPoint presentation detailing both didactic and clinical technique of using esthetic pediatric crowns and interactive Q&A with a NuSmile Clinical Advisor. This is a great option for programs that would prefer a quick, and informative training on using preformed esthetic pediatric crowns.

Hands-On Workshop Support

We strongly believe residents should be provided clinical experience with the best, most innovative products and procedures during their university residency training to be truly ready for their clinical career as a pediatric dentist.

“Very clear presentation and overall excellent
Hands-On Workshop.”
~2nd Year Resident, USC

Presented on-site at your location by a NuSmile Clinical Advisor who has expert experience with preformed esthetic crowns as well as all other treatment options available for the restoration of primary teeth. The Hands-On Workshop is a wonderfully informative option for residents and faculty to participate and practice the actual preparation and placement of preformed esthetic crowns with our experienced Clinical Advisor. The presentation includes information on both NuSmile Signature Pre-veneered and NuSmile ZR Zirconia crowns (workshop can be customized depending on the type of products preferred).

“The Hands-On Workshop was great and the speaker was
very knowledgeable"
~1st Year Resident, LSU

The Hands-On course qualifies for CE credits in most states and consists of a 3-6 hour workshop.

Ongoing Feedback Support

Your success is important to us. For this reason, following your residency training session (Webinar or Hands-On Workshop), NuSmile arranges a webinar follow-up session to review your cases using preformed esthetic crowns and answer any questions that have arisen during clinical use. As faculty and residents use NuSmile esthetic crowns, they are encouraged to take pre-op, prep, post-op, and follow-up case photos. A Clinical Advisor reviews these case photos both before and during the follow-up session. This is a great opportunity for faculty and residents to dialogue and learn more from our clinician about the specific cases which they have treated and we always find these follow-ups to be just as beneficial as the residency training itself.

We continue to check in (as often as you’d like) to ensure you are confident with the technique and skills to provide training for each new group of residents. Our relationship with each University Residency Program is an important foundation for our company and we place high importance your ongoing success.

What NuSmile Offers Your Residency Program

Materials and training for
clinical skills to sucessfully use
preformed esthetic crowns
Assistance to incorporate training
for preformed esthetic
crowns into your curriculum
Highly skilled, better prepared,
more confident graduates

Your Partner in Education

All pediatric residents deserve to work with the very best products that have been proven and tested. Before NuSmile brings any product to market, we do rigorous testing both in-house and through independent labs to ensure the very best clinical results. Let us partner with your Pediatric Residency Program to enable you to confidentially teach and work with NuSmile esthetic crowns. We guarantee you and your residents will gain valuable knowledge, making your graduates even better pediatric dentists.

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