NuSmile ZR Zirconia

STARTER Bundle (RETAIL $4,845)
Contains 136 NuSmile ZR Crowns, Try-In Crowns, NuSmile NeoPUTTY, NuSmile BioCem, Express Prep Bur Kit, Adjustment Burs and other valuable accessories

The only complete zirconia restorative system based on scientific evidence.

NuSmile ZR STARTER Bundle contains:

1 - ZR Anterior Master Kit*

1 - ZR Posterior Classic Master Kit*

2 - BioCem 5mL Cement Kits

1 - NeoPUTTY 1.2gm Kit

1 - Express Prep Bur Kit

1- ZR Adjustment Bur Kit

1 - Consultation Table Display

1 - ZR Parent Pamphlets

*All Crown Kits include NuSmile ZR Try-In Kits


NuSmile ZR Zirconia crowns:

  • Metal-free 100% zirconia ceramic
  • Superior esthetics
  • Nature replicating translucency
  • Tested superior in strength, fracture resistance and wear
  • Matching Try-In crowns eliminate saliva and blood contamination
  • Easy to use - conservative preparations

BioCem Universal BioActive Cement:

  • CemBiotic - bioactive and biocompatible; forms hydroxyapatite and releases beneficial ionic species
  • Superior bond strength to both stainless steel and zirconia
  • Optimized consistency, handling and cure
  • Does not shrink or wash out
  • Withstands sudden shock

NuSmile NeoPUTTY:

  • Multi-purpose MTA for every pulp need
  • Perfect consistency, with no mixing
  • Non-staining
  • Resin-free
  • MTA-based bioactivity
  • High pH
  • Dimensionally stable
  • No waiting, high radiopacity

See NuSmile ZR Zirconia, NuSmile NeoPUTTY and NuSmile BioCem Universal BioActive Cement Kits for Technical Specifications