NuSmile NeoMTA 2 Smart Bundle

Approximately enough for 75-150 or more treatments

The same NeoMTA you love, ONLY BETTER. The newly formualted NuSmile NeoMTA 2 specifically optimized for pediatric dentistry. Bundle includes three 2.5 gram Professional Kits at a 20% savings over the individual kit price.


*This product is only available in U.S., coming soon to Canada

  • Designed to be easier to mix
  • Higher radiopacity
  • Whiter, brighter for better differentiation from dentin
  • 10 indications
  • BioActive - promotes dentinal bridging
  • Non-toxic, unlike formocresol
  • Immediately washout resistant
  • Sets much faster than other MTAs
  • Mixes to a putty-like consistency, easy to apply
  • Non-staining

 ADA 57, ISO 6876 and ISO 9917-1 criteria 

• Radiopacity 6.5mm when mixed to putty consistency; 5.4mm Al when mixed for sealer use. 

• Working time at room temperature: ~10 minutes when mixed as a putty; however, addition of more gel may be used to extend the working time is the mixture begins to dry. 

• Initial setting time for putty consistency @ 37°C =15 min.; final setting 1:45 hr. 

• Flow: 20mm for sealer use; > 15mm, as required. 

• Film thickness: 38 to 46 μm for sealer use; < 50 μm, as required. 

• Solubility < 3%, as required. 

• Dimensional stability <+0.1%, as required. 

• Pb <100 ppm, As < 2 ppm, as required.