NuSmile NeoPUTTY 2.4 gram Professional Kit


NuSmile NeoPUTTY is a premixed bioactive bioceramic MTA that triggers hydroxyapatite and supports healing using the same tri and dicalcium silicate powders as NeoMTA 2. Its firm, non-tacky consistency, wash-out resistance and bioactivity make it pediatric dentists' preferred material for every pulp need. NeoPUTTY delivers a ready-to-use material for immediate placement with zero waste, saving cost and chair time.

  • Higher radiopacity
  • 10 indications
  • BioActive - promotes dentinal bridging
  • Non-toxic, unlike formocresol
  • Immediately washout resistant
  • Putty-like consistency, easy to apply
  • Non-staining

ADA 57, ISO 6876 & ISO 9917-1 Requirements
•    Radiopacity: 8.1 mm.
•    Working time at room temperature:  >1 hr.
•    Initial setting time at 37°C:  ~ 4 hrs.
•    Flow
The ISO 6876 flow test was designed to measure flow of a low viscosity sealer, not a high-viscosity putty like MTA material. NeoPUTTY has indications other than root canal sealer with gutta percha; therefore, a high flow is not needed or desired.
•    Film Thickness
NeoPUTTY is not indicated for root canal sealing with gutta percha; therefore, a low film thickness film is not needed or desired.
•    Solubility:  <3% as required.
•    Dimensional stability: <+0.1%, as required.
•    Pb <100 ppm, As < 2 ppm, as required.