NuSmile NeoMTA - Designed Specially for Pediatric Dentistry

NuSmile NeoMTA is a stainproof bioactive bioceramic cement that is used universally for vital pulp therapy in primary and permanent teeth. The active ingredient, a blend of tricalcium silicate and dicalcium silicate, triggers the healing process. MTAs are the only vital pulp therapy medicaments that have been proven to be more effective than calcium hydroxide, and as effective as formocresol, for primary tooth vital pulp therapy. The AAPD GUIDELINES ON PULP THERAPY FOR PRIMARY/IMMATURE PERMANENT TEETH recommend MTA for a variety of pediatric vital pulp therapy indications including pulp capping, pulpotomy, apexification.

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NuSmile NeoMTA is Stain Proof

Most MTAs are formulated using bismuth oxide as the radiopaquing agent. To prevent staining, we use tantalum oxide to provide radiopacity. 
As a result NuSmile NeoMTA does not stain.

NuSmile NeoMTA is a proprietary blend

NuSmile NeoMTA is highly refined to a small uniform particle size. When mixed with our unique water-based gel, a smooth putty-like consistency can be achieved that is easy to place.

Immediately Wash-out Resistant

NuSmile NeoMTA is wash-out resistant when placed.

Fast Setting

Shrinkage / expansion is negligible during the setting reaction, so you can restore immediately once NuSmile NeoMTA is placed.
NuSmile NeoMTA achieves a hard set in about 15 minutes and continues to strengthen as it cures.

Initial Set (hr) - in vivo

 NuSmile NeoMTA ~ 15 minutes • Original MTA > 2 Hours

Final setStrengthening continues over several days 

Requires no special instruments

NuSmile NeoMTA putty can be easily placed with a number of common instruments.