The Perfect Cement for Any Pediatric Crown. Period.

NuSmile BioCem® Universal BioActive Cement is the only radiopaque, dual-cure luting cement designed specifically for pediatric dentistry. BioCem enables hydroxyapatite formation and integration into dentin within 24 hours. It provides a superior bond between dentin and all zirconia, pre-veneered or stainless steel crowns, regardless of the crown manufacturer. BioCem couples advanced bioactivity with low water sorption/water solubility to prevent washout and bacterial infiltration.

NuSmile BioCem – A superior bond for every pediatric crown.


In a class by itself

Superior Bond Strength

Independently proven

Optimized Consistency, Handling
and Cure

Efficient performance you can rely on

Does Not Shrink or Wash Out

Cementation that stands the test of time

Withstands Sudden Shock

Tougher than traditional cements

Efficient, Low-Waste Delivery System

With two tip options

Award-Winning Performance

Proven highly effective in clinical use

Unbeatable Value

The most cost-effective cement in its category

In a class by itself

BioCem’s hydrophilic nature allows you to cement without
having to achieve perfect isolation. It enables the formation
of hydroxyapatite within 24 hours while releasing beneficial
calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions into the oral
environment. BioCem forms a wash-out resistant bioactive
seal at the tooth-cement interface, and contains no HEMA,
Bis-phenol A, Bis-GMA or BPA derivatives.

Proven in clinical use and
independent university studies

Bond strength to both zirconia and to
stainless steel as strong or stronger than
RMGI cements and stronger than glass
ionomer cements.

Optimized Consistency, Handling and Cure

Efficient performance you
can rely on

Optimized viscosity for bulk filling
of crowns, combined with low
film thickness, allows restorations to
be easily seated and properly
positioned. With convenient tack-cure,
a quick chemical cure, the
ability to light-cure through zirconia,
and fast clean-up, BioCem
speeds up procedures and
saves you valuable chair time!

Does Not Shrink or Wash Out

Cementation that stands
the test of time

Creates a gap-free, positive marginal
seal that will not wash out or degrade
over time.

Withstands Sudden Shock

Tougher than traditional

Exceptionally resilient to external forces,
withstanding sudden shock making it
much tougher than traditional cements -
perfect for the rough-and-tumble world
kids live in.

Efficient Low-Waste Delivery System

A two-paste system with
two low waste auto-mix tip

Housed in an easy to dispense
double-barreled syringe, BioCem is
packaged with high efficiency, short
auto-mix tips for bulk filling of crowns.
Low-waste cannula auto-mix tips are also
available for pin-point placement when
filling small anterior crowns and for
cementing space maintainer bands or

Award Winning Performance

Proven highly effective in
clinical use

BioCem was named "Best Product" in the luting cement
category by Dental Product Shopper based on evaluations by
dentists with a combined 366 years of clinical practice. It was
also named a Dentistry Today Readers’ Choice Top
Innovative Product for 2017 and a 2017 “Pearl for Your
Practice” by Dental Economics.

Unbeatable Value

The cost-effective BioActive

BioCem is much less expensive than other
hydroxyapatite-forming cements, while
also being cost-competitive with RMGI and
glass ionomer cements.

NuSmile BioCem Video Gallery

NuSmile BioCem Options

5mL Kit

5mL (7.5g)

With 25 auto-mix tips
(enough for approximately 50-60 full coverage restorations)

Professional Kit

Professional Kit

Contains four 5mL cement kits and one 5mL dispenser

2.5mL Kit

2.5mL (3.75g)

With 15 auto-mix tips
(enough for approximately 25-30 full coverage restorations)