NuSmile Signature Adjustment Bur Kit

Contains 8 burs

Includes burs for adjustment and polishing of incisal, occlusal, interproximal and gingival areas of all NuSmile Signature Crowns. Can be used for shortening NuSmile Signature crowns at the gingival margin.


Includes the following:

  • 2 - White Stone #661-420, used for the NuSmile Signature crown-occlusal adjustment.
  • 2 - Brownie #0053-030, used for the Nusmile Signature crown-incisal adjustment.
  • 2 - Fine Fluted Finishing Carbide #H48LF-012, used to shorten circumferentially and the gingival margin of the NuSmile Signature crown.
  • 2 - Yellow Finishing Point #C801-002, composite polishers is used to restore the luster of NuSmile Signature crown after adjustments or shortening.