Company Info


Company Information

NuSmile is the worldwide leader in pediatric esthetic restorative dentistry products, with a passion for quality and innovation and an unmatched dedication to pediatric dentists and the children they serve. We are headquartered in Houston, Texas, but our products touch dental professionals and their patients in over 50 countries around the world..

Meet Our Team

Our Core Products

NuSmile Pediatric Crowns

  • Over 8 million placed worldwide
  • Three styles of pediatric crowns—zirconia, pre-veneered and pre-contoured stainless steel

NuSmile BioCem Universal BioActive Cement

  • Optimized for zirconia, pre-veneered and pre-contoured stainless steel performed pediatric crowns
  • Proven superior to other cements in bond strength, handling, bioactivity and value

NuSmile NeoPUTTY and NeoMTA 2

  • The first affordable MTA for pediatric dentistry
  • Lowest cost per dose of all MTAs
  • BioActive/Non-Toxic/Non-Staining

What Separates Us

World Class Manufacturing and Product Innovation

  • Over three decades of experience in medical device manufacturing
  • State-of-the-art ISO certified medical device manufacturing facilities
  • Strong and longstanding relationships with leading universities and independent research laboratories to drive ongoing innovation unmatched customer focus
  • A passion for listening to pediatric dentists and supporting the pediatric dentistry profession.

Our History

NuSmile was established by CEO Diane Johnson Krueger in Houston, Texas in 1991 as a division of Orthodontic Technologies. Under Diane’s leadership, the Company invented and introduced one of the world’s first prefabricated esthetic pediatric crowns: NuSmile Signature Pre-veneered Crowns. Popularity of NuSmile crowns rapidly grew due to their life-like esthetics and durability, and the Company’s reputation for excellent customer service and support. By 2005, NuSmile Signature was independently sited as the world’s number one-selling esthetic crown. In 2012, the Company introduced the NuSmile ZR full coverage zirconia crown system featuring exclusive Try-In crowns that eliminate saliva/blood contamination and ensure successful retention of the restoration. NuSmile continues to innovate, with offerings that include bioactive luting cements, MTA pulp therapy materials, posterior stainless steel crowns and other state-of-the art products specifically designed for pediatric dentistry.


... in experience

For more than a quarter of a century, we have been listening to, working with and delivering innovative restorative solutions for pediatric dentists worldwide.

... in popularity

Our esthetic pediatric crowns are clearly the #1 choice of the world’s pediatric dentists, whom we’ve helped restore millions more children’s teeth than all other manufacturers combined.

... in customer care

From our CEO down to our newest hire, we don’t just pride ourselves on helping our customers; we love helping our customers. Each call and email is answered by a NuSmile team member who knows and cares for you as a person, not an account number.

... in research

We go to unprecedented lengths in collaborating with universities and independent research laboratories to ensure that our products will consistently meet your exacting needs and allow you to provide the best possible care for your patients.

... in innovation

We believe delivering innovative solutions specifically designed for pediatric dentists is vitally important to children’s healthcare. No other dental restorative products company has this singular focus on pediatric restorative dentistry.

... in manufacturing quality

We continually invest in our state-of-the-art ISO-certified medical device manufacturing facilities and in our talented, committed workforce to ensure that we provide our customers the exceptional quality and value they expect and deserve.

... in supporting the industry

No company invests more financial resources to support the pediatric dentistry profession and its practitioners and educators worldwide. We’ve built a culture that is passionate about helping all pediatric dentists--from recent graduates to world-renowned opinion leaders—in order to provide the highest standard of restorative care to the world’s children.